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Omarjee holidays in partnership with over 250,000 hotels worldwide ensure that our customers gets the best rates from 3* to 5* hotels. Not only the best rates, we also provide a personalize service where we grant our customers special treats and services according to their wishes.

We are here with the best rates over the Mauritian hotels, an idea, a wish, a special activity? We are here to make your stay a memorable one. Grab your slippers, your board short and your sunglasses and choose your vacation around the island. Hotels offer various services to accommodate the different needs of customers namely for leisure, honeymoon, conference, business meetings and wedding purposes amongst others. Airport hotels nearby the airport also offer services for business and leisure facilities for transiting and short stay customer

Omarjee Holidays provides you with a range of accommodation in Rodrigues from Auberge to 5* hotels. We ensure our clients with quality service during their stay and make their holidays memorable.

Travelling has never been so easy nowadays but finding the hotel that suits you is quite complicated. That's why Omarjee holidays came up with a special crew who is trained and dedicated to find the perfect accommodation for you, anywhere around the world. We offer a range of accommodations; excursions to our clients as well as we tailor our packages to suit your needs.

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